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European Short Pitch

Art Direction, Print


European Short Pitch is a training initiative that supports young European filmmakers by enabling them to collaborate with industry professionals. I worked with ESP on fully redesigning their Book of Projects, and on delivering materials for the hybrid edition of their yearly Coproduction Forum event that took place online.

I started my collaboration with ESP in 2019, when I was first commissioned to work on their Book of Projects. Last year, following the introduction of a new management team, we began working together on the 2020 edition of the Coproduction Forum. I was responsible with redesigning the Book of Projects and with further developing the ESP identity.


One of the key objectives was to introduce a fresher visual language as a means of indicating internal changes, but without estranging their well-established audience.

Although the event took place online, we wanted to give the participants the feeling of a real life experience. From colors to typography and textures, we kept the fact that this edition was a hybrid one in the back of our minds.


We are currently working together on rebuilding the whole ESP identity. Read more about the ESP initiative here

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